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At the same time, Xu mama thought of calling her daughter to ask about the blind date.

Nuo Nuo saw the ID caller, picked up the call and sighed heavily.

Nuo Nuo tears ran, she heard that only company managers that needs to rise into the mid-level administrators will have a face to face interview with the Big Boss.

She is only a little rookie, a good weekend had turned into accepting the boss’ incomparable psychological torture.

They are not inferior in terms of quality to other game competitors.

It is this sincerity that touched many game players.

Because of today’s unexpected road traffic accident, a lot of working employees taking her same route were as late as her.

But no one is as unfortunate as her, she encountered Big Boss in the elevator early in the morning.

As a married person, they will assume that you are more family focused and will not pose as a major threat.

Xiao Yi randomly threw a few more questions thereafter and Nuo Nuo cautiously replied.

Half an hour down the blind date, it had turned into a sweat-dripping-live interview.

She hastily explained, “I really am a local, the information for the blind date says I’m C city person, because my mother was afraid of someone taking advantage of my local permanent residency, isn’t it very popular now?

My mother is highly paranoid.” =__= Nuo Nuo finished her explanation feeling a little depressed. Although Boss is very handsome, but she’s still “yellow flower ” : naive, simple, a newbie……

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When her mother was giving false dating information, she already said no, the it resulted in, “People now are dangerous, they want your identity to get money, these days more people expects the mother-in-law to buy the house. After having said that, the Big Boss personal profile is also false, maybe because he also afraid people might fancy his money. Mindful of this, Nuo Nuo rose slightly and glanced at Big Boss. She was surprised and immediately lowered her head, heart pounding wildly. Just as she was immersed in her own little world, Xiao Yi utter a sentence that extinguish her little thoughts. it says your hobby is reading, but your company resume doesn’t.. His is a precision instrument, just one glance at the profiles and he can compare the company and blind date information and find the faults.

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