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One of the greatest experiences shared by all these groups was the war for independence.In 1980, the nation of Zimbabwe was born when the people won independence from the British.

There are no indigenous African holidays, but families may have special days in the year on which they remember their relatives who have died.

They are also sometimes called "Bushmen," but this is an insulting name that was given to them by outsiders. The city of Great Zimbabwe prospered until the fifteenth century, and gave modern Zimbabwe its name. In 1992, the country's population was 10.4 million.

Of these, 98 percent were African, and about 2 percent were European, Asian, and mixed-race.

Most of the traditional rites of passage are being replaced with Western ones, such as Christian baptism and birthday parties.

The old celebrations of birth and entry into adolescence have almost ended.

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Each ethnic group has its own heroes and heroines, legends, and myths.

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