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By contrast, I took to Rosie ; P Yes, Its Dan's own life,he can date anyone he loves! I wish dan find an awesome life partner who never betrays him becz betraying became a fashion in hollywood!

Was that really what I wanted when I was ten, to be a published author?

Lily was about to leave him for Rufus anyway because Lily Van der Woodsen wanted to break Elizabeth Taylor's record for most marriages.

Serena and Aaron ended up double dating with Dan and Aaron's ex-girlfriend Lexi.

“Hey, I’m gonna be honest and say that I think you’re cute.

**I think my reference to four drafts is from my first novel.

She’s…it’s as if she’s haunting me…ROCHELLE: Huh, I knew I shouldn’t have shared this with Toby.

It’s hard to describe, but it’s as if some spirit is trying to get my attention through my dreams.

Sometimes it paired well with the biblical stories and saints from my Catholic father, who immigrated from Mexico.

My mind ticked with character connections, storylines…imagine a giant party line of people speaking, all wanting to tell you their stories, and you having to be patient and work on a much slower physical pace of linear capture.

Not to mention I have to wait to really write it; my focus now is Book I!

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