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Yesterday's Crj'ptoquip STARRY-EYED LAD APPRECIATES SPECIAL ART SET. Make sure your enterprises do not inadvertently stray over the line of legality. 19): Tit is almost as though yesterday's events have opened Pandora's box. Haste to involve or to disengage yourslf increases the problem. GEMINI (May 21-June 20): Everybody is looking for somthing to find fault with. The lines are apt to be over long, and you do not have the patience for substaining tensions of this sort. Make sure that money is NOT used as basis for arguments. 22): This is one day to just muddle through, so relax and let it simmer.

CRYPTOQLTPS Y equals D WSKPJPU LZBFK B V F UKFLB ZFLQB ZJPTQ PS SPF ZLWJQVFT. Do whatver is necsesary to protct your own welfare and health; dispense with any other serious activity. 22): Let somebody else cope with exchanging duplicate o r poorly chosen gifts. 22): Be wary of all personal relations, or of your previous concepts of them.

Kath-erine Hepburn, Spencer Tracy, Tom Ewell, Judy Holliday.

Short Shots Credit John Austin of the Hollywood Reporter for this Information For his Christmas tour of Vietnam, Bob Hope has 30 different monologues applying to each base and the cue cards alone weigh 4000 pounds .

m 48, JOYCE CHEN COOKS: Featuring Chinese delicacies. m., 43, THE PLAY OF THE WEEK: "Archy and Mehitabel" Tammv Grimes and Eddie Bracken star In a musical about an amorous cockroach and his love for a wanton alley cat Unscramble these four Jumbles, one letter to each square, to form four ordinary words.

A Yank in Britain becomes involved in a romantic triangle.

MEN, take care of your bodies and your boay will take care of you." On the surface, naturally, the whole Atlas thing Is, well, kind of pop art.

I sent away for the course and by the following summer I had a physique as magnificent as the beach bully. They were sitting under a beach umbrella holding hands and subject of NBC's first installment of "First Tuesday," a monthly program with a news magazine format which premieres at 9 p.

Enquirer TV Editor WHEN I WAS a young fellow and rather scrawny I usually took my girl to the beach. I used a soccer-style kick, my weight on my left foot and I spread about a half-pound of sand across his face.

Whatever you do, tact and modesty bear great value. 20): Finances today become so involved it's difficult to obtain mutual understanding on any deal. Guests: Gordon Lightfoot, Betsy Palmer, Bill Mc Cutcheon, George Plimpton. m., 48, THE SNOW MAIDEN: (Children's Special) Snow King uses the Snow Maiden in a scheme to put out the sun.

18): If you can devise a good excuse, disappear today; you seem to be in the the path of everybody's effort to clobber everybody else. RAPUNZZEL (Children's Special): A wicked witch imprisons the long-haired maiden, who is finally rescued by a handsome prince.

of 195, visits London and becomes suspect of Terry.

An unconscious woman is rescued by an animal-like derelict and brought to the doorstep of Boone.

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CASHO PI I D PLISEP n h i i Holiday For Roses Barbara Mc Nair, currently filming "Stiletto" in New York, will fly to California for one day to ride on Chrysler Corporation's "Thanks for the Memory" float in the Tournament of Roses Parade on New Year's Day.

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