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In 2007, Brittany Murphy married husband Simon Monjack. This list contains Brittany Murphy's loves and rumored hook-ups like Ashton Kutcher and Eminem. Take a look at this list and share your thoughts in the comments section.

Fans will also enjoy pictures of young Brittany Murphy and the sexiest Brittany Murphy pics.The death of Brittany Murphy is under renewed scrutiny after her father, Angelo Bertolotti, revealed a report from a private lab saying the “Clueless” actress had high levels of heavy metals in her system — evidence he says shows she and husband Simon Monjack were deliberately poisoned.It’s just the latest twist in a case that for nearly three years has been kept in the headlines with a series of developments that still don’t seem to add up.So mould and fungi haven’t played a direct role in the death of Brittany. As well as being fearful of the paparazzi, she and Mr Monjack, believed they were being targeted by the American Government, after Miss Murphy gave evidence in a whistle blowing trial involving a friend.

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