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It suddenly exploded and she felt her face become awash with huge splats of cum. Most of the time she was indeed in control, and only rarely would she give in. It didn't help that Bridget was dating such a healthy, young man. She had been gardening, braless, which she often did, as their back yard was really quite private and it felt so much more comfortable under the hot, muggy sun.

She knew she should talk to him about it, at least to apologize. This would not be an easy thing to do, and so she put it off.

She was terribly stricken by dreams, many of which seemed to verge on nightmares.

Such as the dream in which she was tied up by a bunch of young men.

Some of them were soft, some were hard, some were small, some were large, but there were so many of them.

They were poking her all over her face, crowding and pushing each other to try to get to her, like the air was filled with swimming snakes, penis snakes.

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