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What the film does show, Harrington said, is that Christians are not really any better at dating in the modern world than anyone else is.

“It’s very apparent that even in the Christian world, in this area of life – dating and relationships – we’re just as lost as anyone else, we’re really not leading the way,” she said.

“(They) were just really stellar people, beautiful inside and out, and had all kinds of charisma and everything and almost none of them had dated at all in high school or college,” Cronin told CNA. “I started talking to them about hookup culture and how that had impacted dating, and what I realized was that the dating social script was sort of gone,” she said.The only physical contact should be an A-frame hug.The idea caught on, and pretty soon these “Cronin dates” were the talk of Boston College.The students, she added, welcome the dating guidance.“I am amazed at how much this generation of young adults wants coaching in all areas of their life,” she said.

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