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Anyway this subplots are so well handled and are so interesting for themselves that almost make up for the main story line's 'bad' turn.The dvd image is anamorphic and all the good you can expect from a cheap-video shot movie.Speaking of this, the director's staging of the scenes is very good overall, getting the best from that style, it's direct and intimist.""Rented this off of Netflix and loved it.I often have fantasized aboutwhat would happen if I could take a pill and change my sexual orientation.Success depends on breaking ties with all his old acquaintances, and Tim must chose between his old life and relationships, or the new love and happiness he has found.

He starts taking the pill and his life begins turning around immediately.

However soon it becomes clear that the drug is wearing off and he must feign illness to avoid intimacy with Tanya.

A final tragedy brings Tim back together with his friends and actually strengthens their relationships and gives them all a renewed sense of hope. Format: DVD MOVIE Genre: DRAMA Rating: NR UPC:720917549026 Manufacturer No: FLV5490Actors: Jonathan Slavin, Scotch Ellis Loring, Susan Slome, Mike Begovich, Jennifer Elise Cox Director: John Baumgartner Creators: John Baumgartner, Irene Turner, John E. Dayton Mesher Genres: Drama Sub-Genres: Drama Studio: Fox Lorber Format: DVD - DVD Release Date: 05/23/2006Original Release Date: 01/01/2005Theatrical Release Date: 01/01/2005Release Year: 2006Run Time: 1hr 34min Screens: Color Number of Discs: 1Swapa DVD Credits: 1Total Copies: 0Members Wishing: 1MPAA Rating: Unrated Languages: English"My opinion of the movie is not as enthusiastic as the other one but I did like it.

What I thought was so sweet is that one rarely thinks about the friendsand family you equally effect making such a change.

A great sub-plot wasthe gay co-worker who went through his own transmormation by actually dating men instead of just picking them up for one-night stands at thebar and gym. ""If you could take a pill to make you straight, would you?

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