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Then DJ Khaled made an appearance before Lil Dicky ended up in the body of Kendall Jenner and discovered he now has a vagina, wearing jeans with a V printed on the front just in case he struggled to find it.

Seriously you have to watch it to get it – and if you are a Chris Brown hater – thanks to his controversial past – you may find yourself annoyed when you catch yourself smiling.

As we reported, there's been some speculation this month that the 37-year-old actress was dating Chris Pratt — rumors that were only fueled after the two were spotted out to dinner at Craig's in West Hollywood on Friday night. This is just simply not true, according to texts sent from Olivia herself to Chris' ex, Anna Faris!

Seriously if you haven’t seen Lil Dicky’s latest video it as funny AF and heavily features Chris Brown as the pair swap bodies – later in the video Lil Dicky switched places with Kendall, Ed Sheeran, and DJ Khaled. I’m going to understand the inner workings of a woman.’ ‘The whole line about her vagina, that wasn’t easy to pull off. Referring to previous scandals, namely the Pepsi ad that went terribly wrong, the insider added: ‘She’s been blindsided by backlash in the past, so now anytime she does anything outside the box she worries that it will somehow go wrong.’ The funny yet slightly weird video saw Lil Dicky wake up realising that he no longer lived up to his name as dropped his trousers as Chris Brown only to discover his ‘dream dick.’ He then walked about the town, enjoying the newfound fame and his resized member with a bevvy of naked ladies fawning all over him.Let’s take a brief look at Chris Brown’s dating timeline: We’ll start with the most famous of Brown’s relationships.He and the “Umbrella” songstress first hooked up in 2007 and seemed inseparable until the 2009 Grammys, where Rihanna didn’t make it to the show after Brown assaulted her.This time, the relationship ended under much less public circumstances. The first time they broke up reportedly had everything to do with Brown getting back together with Rihanna.Karrueche Tran was a stylist who became a model and actress. After Rihanna and Brown broke up again, Tran went back in.

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