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She does not like her new chief editor Kang-Min (Park Min-Woo), because he gained the position due to his father being the CEO of the company. It is exciting so anyone can watch all the 51 episodes during 4-5 days, I think. Dragged on too long with nothing new to add to the storyline.The acting was really good and the drama brought some laughter, however, because of the unnecessary length, even the funny parts wasn't worth mentioning.I also liked Choi Chul-Soo, Lee Kang-Min, Seo Ji-Gun and Mi-Soon. Hae-Ryung comes off as being timid and weak, unable to sustain any amount of courage to move on from the harassment and abuse she took - like she's lost or something. No one deserves to be treated the way she was treated but there is something called forgiveness that we all forget about. Neither one of them deserve her because they both betrayed her in some way. She allowed the death of her son to destroy her marriage, HK allowed the death of his son and the goal of becoming successful to destroy not only his marriage but him as a person, and JG allowed his selfishness of wanting to be happy again to not allow him to trust himself or her enough to be honest. The same thing happened in the drama "Make A Wish." The evil, wicked mother ends up with dementia. LOL Jesse/Sonsarae, I am absolutely stunned at the turn of events involving Yoo Hyun-Ki, but there are a couple of things that have also left me a little bewildered and wondering if the writers are trying to mess up what has been a pretty good drama up to this point. He had vasectomy but same time let hae ryung lived the emotional stress of thinking she could not conceive.I thought they had good personalities and did their best. Chul-Soo liked Mi-Soon - he was cute and really supported her when she left her husband. I don't understand how you say that Hae-Ryung is responsible for the breakup of their marriage - she was grieving and because she was having a difficult time, its alright for her husband to have an affair? No one is to blame for the death of the son and we shouldn't cast judgment. And her daughter was just as wicked through out the whole show. I can't stand Jang Kyung-Ok and how she thinks she is above everyone and her demeaning manner. And her stupid son allowed his mother to treat his wife like dirt, has an affair and a vasectomy and doesn't tell anyone. First, I am really tired of the fact that Han Mi-Soon has to continually fight with this family to get her kids. Imagine all the drugs she has taken and the emotional stress she went through.Sam-Bong (Kim Young-Chul) opens Chinese restaurant Gahwamansasung. He has a wife and three children: twins Hae-Ryung (Kim So-Yeon) and Man-Ho (Jang In-Sub) and younger sibling Hae-Won (Choi Yoon-So).

I just think that, overall, Hae Ryung is just a scared, confused person who grew comfortable in being unhappy and can't see anything being better than that. Bong Sam-Bong has already vented his anger at him and has also sided with Bong Hae-Ryung after finding out that his ex-son-in-law had cheated on her. In my view way too much attention has been put in redeeming hyun ki to the point that it is a joke. Hope writer is not going to give her an illness .like hyun ki..cry cry and make her look pitiful and forgive her. This writer cannot be telling people to be selfish and you will get away with it. Only reason i am sticking to this drama is because of the 2 main leads. Love way hae won is standing up to her future mother in law.

Best 50 ep family drama after 'My husband got a family' This drama certainly deserves more than 90 rating.

Wow someone is really spending a lot of time and effort to manipulate the rating system here. I noticed this sudden drop in rating when i visited on May 16. From my experience, thus drama is getting better and better in each weekend.

What would Sam Bong do if Mi-Soon just took the girls to her place?? The relationship between their parents is not good, Man-Ho is not making the transition easier for the two girls. He is insensitive to their situation, they are only little children. Hyun-Ki and his mother treated Hae-Ryung like trash and he had an affair, but now that he's sick, all of the pain and suffering that he's caused should be forgotten? The cheating mistress now lives with the family and that's ok with any viewing audience female or male?

They lost their family unit, both parents being together, their mother moved out as her goofy husband didn't care about her any way, besides cheating on her, they have to adjust to having Se-Ri in their lives, not to speak of the baby she brought home with her out of the blue. At least the writer should have made BMO and JSR somewhat intelligent so we could have believed they could get away with the things they do. I am afraid to ask - but does anyone remotely identify with that?

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