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The French captured and destroyed the fort after a short siege in 1756, and the Mohawk Valley laid open to French advance as a result.Although the French did not directly exploit this avenue of attack, its impact swayed some of the Iroquois tribes to the French side.Among other things, the traditional use of Mohawk Valley flint as Toolmaking Flint is only one attribution to the Mohawk Valley People of the Flint name. The river is named for the Mohawk Nation of the Iroquois Confederacy. The river has long been important to transportation and migration to the west as a passage through the Appalachian Mountains, between the Catskill Mountains and Allegheny Plateau to the south and the Adirondack Mountains to the north.THE MOHAWK RIVER: The Mohawk River is a 149-mile-long (240 km)river in the U. The Mohawk Valley allowed easier passage than going over the mountains to the north or south of the valley.The region experienced a significant simulation in industrial development and was exploited by thousands of immigrants.

The Mohawks of Mohawk Valley call themselves Kanien’keha’ka, and “People of the Flint” in part due to their creation story of a powerful flinted arrow. From its source in Lewis County the Mohawk River flows generally east through the Mohawk Valley, passing by the cities of Mohawk, Herkimer, Rome, Utica, Little Falls, Canajoharie, Amsterdam, and Schenectady before entering the Hudson River at Cohoes, just north of Albany. The Mohawk flows into the Hudson in the Capital District, a few miles north of the city of Albany.During the 18th Century, the Mohawk Valley was a frontier of great political, military and economic importance.Colonists, such as Phillip Schuyler, Nicholas Herkimer, William Johnson, trading with the Iroquois set the stage for commercial and military competition between European nations, leading to the French and Indian Wars and the American Revolution.The canal made boom towns of many central cities in the Mohawk Valley and provided an immense contribution to the wealth and importance of those areas.New transportation systems led to the destruction of the Erie Canal along with the New York State Barge Canal taking over in 1918. mohawk river painting" alt="" src=" width="331" height="188" srcset=" sizes="(max-width: 331px) 100vw, 331px" / Painting of The Mohawk River sizes="(max-width: 182px) 100vw, 182px" / STRATEGIC IMPORTANCE: During the French and Indian War, the Mohawk Valley was of prime strategic importance; to the British, it provided a corridor to the Great Lakes from which to threaten New France directly, while to the French it provided a corridor to the Hudson Valley and on to the heart of British North America.

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