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The 39-year-old comedian admits he has fond memories of his relationship with the pop star, even though they divorced after 14 months of marriage in December...Jemima Khan has split from her boyfriend Russell Brand, according to the pair's mutual friend, Naughty Boy.

Jemima said it took her hours to contact her husband in Pakistan after the attacks in the US, and when she finally did so, he expressed his concern that all Muslims will now be seen as terrorists.Speaking of her concerns for the future of her adopted homeland of Pakistan, Muslim convert Jemima Khan says, "Many Pakistanis feel America has been a selective friend and that the Afghans are their more natural allies" 21 SEPTEMBER 2001 Former British society girl Jemima Khan and her cricketer-turned-politican husband Imran Khan have both spoken out about the effects of likely American retaliation strikes against terrorist leader Osama bin Laden and his Taliban forces in Afghanistan.The couple live in the Pakistani capital Islamabad with their two small sons, and are no strangers to terrorism themselves: in 1996 a bomb exploded in the cancer hospital Imran founded in Lahore, killing six people.The Forgetting Sarah Marshall star has been dating British socialite Khan on and off since 2013, but a...Russell Brand's girlfriend has been giving Zayn Malik love advice.

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She's also never met anyone who is so adventurous in bed. She's being as pleasant as possible, but any mum would be terrified at the thought of Russell Brand squiring their precious daughter," the source said."Her friends are worried, it's to do with what he says about people he knows and that he's slept with so many people."Earlier in September, the lovebirds left partygoers red-faced when they went over the top with their PDA at PR boss Matthew Freud's London pad.

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