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He can be heard on Kiya Lacey's track "I Know" and he recently collaborated with Don Trip and Dee1 on the track "Don't Ever Land" for Don Trip's album, God Speed.

Brown got his start at only 10-years-old, rapping and performing for friends to cheer them up when circumstances were tough.

Inspired by what was happening with the burgeoning hip-hop and B-boy scenes in NYC, the BPC sparked a new regional style with their 1987 hit "Drop The Bass.While Black City wasn't a rap group initially, it has evolved into a strong force in Nashville's independent hip-hop community and has helped strengthen and solidify Black Son's talents.In 2013, Black Son's older brother Myke quit his job and built a recording studio in their house." In the late '90s, a young hip-hop connoisseur named Eothen Alapatt (now known as Egon) came onto the scene.A student at Vanderbilt, Eothen took his love of hip-hop to the airwaves with the college radio show "9.11 Emergency," which went on to influence many of Nashville's best artists and DJs.

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