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We love the music that we cut our teeth on and itll always be part of us, but weve reached the point where were consciously trying to push things forward.The Lion The Beast The Beat was produced by Potter and veteran producer Jim Scott (Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, Wilco, the Tedeschi Trucks Band).So I called the record company and said I needed a month to work on the existing songs and write some new ones from scratch, plus another week with the band away from the studio to just play music together. I needed to refocus my intentions for this record without any distractions or outside opinion. I did the thing I always wanted to do: the real fantasy road trip.For years wed be traveling through beautiful country in the tour bus, and I would look out the window and see all these long dirt roads that look like they go nowhere so this time I decided to drive down them.Potters journey took her up the west coast until she reached the rocky coastline and redwood forests of Big Sur.By the time she arrived, Grace had begun to unlock the riddle of the album.With this musically combustible and conceptually dazzling work, the Vermont-based band forcefully takes its place alongside the best of its peers while building on the rich legacy of its inspirations. not that its 11 songs dont utterly beguile on their own.During this a la carte age, Grace Potter & the Nocturnals have boldly pushed against the current, making a bona fide album that demands to be heard in its entirety . This album is really a different animal than our previous recordsno pun intended, says Potter.

I realized then that making this record wasnt about just putting a bunch of great songs together; it needed to be a cohesive piece of work with connections between the songs.

On 2010s self-titled third album, GPN, toughened by a half decade of nonstop roadwork, flexed their rock n roll muscles and confirmed that they were in it for the long haul.

Now, seven years after hitting the radar, GPN take an exponential leap with the widescreen opus The Lion The Beast The Beat (Hollywood, June 12, 2012).

After a week in the California wilderness, she flew back home to Vermont, where she tramped the snow-covered hills, invigorated by the winter airand the music came pouring out of me, she says. Then I traveled again to a quiet place by the ocean, holed up in a hotel room and finished some songs Id written over a year earlier that just needed a second chance.

I had no guidelines, which was part of the problem at the beginning, but also part of the breakthrough at the end.

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