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He started out building Rocking Horses from a shed in his back yard.

One of the insignia of royalty, the cap is made of crimson velvet turned up with ermine.

In 1865; John Roebuck closed his Rocking Horse business and migrated to New Zealand to take part in the Maori Wars.

It is unclear why he chose to make this move; but what is clear is it robbed the family of the distinction of being classified as English Rocking Horse makers. Whilst in New Zealand; Frederick was married and had 3 children; he then moved via Melbourne to Alice St Newtown where he had another 6 children (there is no record of him making Rocking Horses in Melbourne).

The Roebuck family also built and operated Carousels around Australia; his eldest son Percy (also living in and around Alice St) operated the Carousel at Manly till around the 1920’s On September 14, 1932, Frederick Roebuck the Father of Australian Rocking Horses breathed his last breath in his house at 1 Grove St Dulwich Hill (corner of Hill and Grove Streetss) During the war years they carried out many Defence contracts including collapsible army boats for troop transport, Kayaks for commando exploration work, packing cases for the G36 hand grenades and P54 bombs.

After the war the Norton St factory run by Stanley’s sons Frederick James (FJ) and Norman; became merchanised where they traded mallets and chisels for copy lathes.

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A verge is literally an area of land that encompasses the Royal Court that is subject to the jurisdiction of the Lord Steward.

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