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It sold well, but suffered a slight drop compared to her debut album's sales. E." and "Boyfriend" – both were still Top 40 hits, respectively reaching numbers 27 and 20 on the charts.And while she only released two singles from this record – "L. After plans to re-release I Am Me in 2006 were eventually cancelled, her third album, 2008's dance/pop meets 1980s synths Bittersweet World, did well critically, but not at all commercially.received harsh backlash from both fans and the media alike.As Time attested, her first performance that night, "Pieces of Me," went off without a hitch.Thanks to the CW and the entire cast and crew of 'Melrose Place' for allowing me this opportunity!" At the 2011 New York Fashion Show, Simpson played coy in an interview with Paper Mag, hinting at plans for her fourth album.However, each failed to match the mass popularity of "Pieces of Me." As Billboard documents, they respectively charted at number 57 and 86 on the Hot 100.

The 2005 film, named after a song on Simpson's debut album and directed by Meiert Avis, followed a group of young people aspiring to launch their dream careers in LA's entertainment scene.

However, her performance faced negative criticism and her character was eventually written off the show after only 12 episodes. thank God my sister is amazing and got you some press." However, the producers claimed this was always the plan.

According to an anonymous on-set source who tattled to Us Weekly, "They hired her because they needed a good name to help create buzz. Producers cut her down as much as possible." The publication further documented that sister Jessica Simpson was outraged by the news, which inspired a Twitter tirade: "CW catching up on MP. As notes, Executive Producer Todd Slavkin explained Simpson's character "would be instrumental" as a suspect in the murder mystery, and that once it "was solved, she would go on her way.

Her musical endeavors brought her critical acclaim and commercial success, with her single peaking at number five on the 200.

At the same time, the show introduced her to a wider audience, fostering much media attention and solidifying her place in the spotlight.

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While she kept hush on any details, she let slip that the music would reflect a 90s sound (an era she dearly missed), emphasizing that it would be both "kooky" like her and "folky".

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