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He claims to hold the alibi that can prove Jack’s innocence but it’s too late because Jack died in prison before the case could come to trial, and the Argyll family is reluctant to dig up the secrets of the past.However, the implications of Calgary’s story can’t be ignored - if he is telling the truth then the wrong person was arrested for Rachel’s murder.But the 31-year-old admits it's increasingly tricky to find a boyfriend who would be compatible with her high standards - particularly when it comes to tidiness."I can't get into an unmade bed; I can't sleep with shoes anywhere near me - they have to be in a cupboard - and I absolutely hate a messy car," declares the daughter of Trevor Eve and Sharon Maughan.

Alice has one blue eye and one green eye as a result of having heterochromia.

ALICE Eve might not have a recognisable name, but you'll probably have seen her work - most recently in the BBC's Ordeal by Innocence.

Here's what you need to know about her, and where you might know her from...

The novel is just one of the seven new Agatha Christie adaptations due from the BBC over the next four years.

I love to hang out with boys - I've got brothers - but I'm a girl's girl, in all the ways you can be girlie.

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actress mum Sharon, famously known for starring in the Nescafe adverts, had joined her daughter on her dress fittings.

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