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The 29-year-old has been keeping her new relationship on the down low as of late, but was actually spotted attending the Monique Lhuillier fashion show during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New York back in February of this year.

Kendrick actually sat in the front row next to Emmy Rossum, while her new beau sat directly behind her in order to avoid any unwanted attention. Kendrick most recently split from director Edgar Wright, whom she dated for nearly five years.

Born in London, he is dating with Zoella and own a house worth £1 million.

Despite having come clean about being a couple, Zoella and Alfie insist they want ‘privacy’ and try not to be too lovey-dovey on their You Tube channels.

Even though seeing Alfie and Zoella, Felix and Marzia or Jim and Tanya have their own You Tube channel and cross-collaborate is an exciting thing, nothing makes us happier than You Tubers finding love in the real world - like Gigi Gorgeous just has with Nats Getty!

Whilst not much is known about Nats right now, judging that she doesn't have her life as an open book like most You Tubers, some details can be found about the billionaire dollar oil heiress and androgynous model.

Pretty Wiltshire-born Zoella reveals that fans have been ‘overanalysing’ their pictures and videos in an attempt to decipher whether they’re hiding a romance. That September, Zoella and Alfie shoot their first You Tube collaboration.

They upload more than one film together, including one of Alfie doing Zoella’s make-up.

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