What is the proposed dating for the gospel of john

They are neither original nor are the Pure Word of GOD Almighty.

I hope you see the real danger in making these assumptions when you are willing to DIE for the fact that such Gospel is the actual True Word of GOD Almighty!

Where in the entire Old Testament (not just in the 5 books of Moses that make up the Law of Moses or the Torah) do you have that?!

Early citations of it by the Fathers indicate that it was composed by the second century, although vocabulary and style indicate the "gospel" was even written.

And since The New Testament wasn't even documented on paper until 150-300 years (depending on what Christian you talk to) after Jesus, then how are we to know for sure that the current "Gospel of Mark" wasn't written by some pro of Mark?

Show me one Old Testament verse that prophesized about Jesus' third day resurrection?

Please visit: , I clearly proved that the Old Testament actually confirms the Noble Quran's claims about Jesus never got crucified! Anyway, Let us see what the NIV Bible's theologians said about this book: Again, we don't know for sure whether it was Luke or not who wrote the "Gospel of Luke" since his name doesn't appear in the Book.

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