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Copyright infringement liability can be quite severe. But what we know on this wihjcct amcuntfl to veiy iittle mm I if* little more than what truvellers have said of most wild tiiben. (' ) tbi'jrdiale L'ta i-an only have bceu altered through uatural evolution atul tiidepen^letitly of forei^ influench' uf reiilwtinj^ the unfavourable conditioiu to which cotique At ho M Niibjeetel thein. M vvrit.er» t^nnv vt the exiuupki* wlii^Il •t.i iiih I mo«*t Ru Ued to show dearly the variety of Miiicoiue dialocits. r The Jour Hal of the Anthropoloyleal Inxtitvte, Vo L VII, p. J (^ » ) J/r Matr-rn kohtor-hit yutr inollurduru Ab-Moyola, O Heaven iu (in) who oiir (lit. *' native of Nartli An«la*nau is aa utterly nnable to make Itiinaclf ** understood by a native of 8out1i Andaman, aa an English pea- •* sant w Dvild b?

About Google Book Search Google's mission is to organize the world's information and to make it universally accessible and useful. Tiie muscular strength of the Mincopic H is much greater than would 1 c Buppoytd from ihuir t-hort stature and rounded linil. ic- nuirkable for tin ir extreme agility md ihcacuttncb K of their tet UKh. f'/fir Uhtfm n/ Jufwir : Tfu Jotirnal of the Indutft ^1 ) In m," 6i»t Etttdc mnv Ivx Mirn'opie* rt la It-ire y^tjriia t'ntfi'nefutt, I have f Tit»nt;nnid t ic fiw X that een f«fmid in Little An- daiua Ut ooutii nt the o Uif^r isnlinid H,, f Urrui d\f$f/trtt^Mi/ot/it\ Vol. Iir%i j M,iiiitvd to by Mr, Fkancis Day, i^tmlc *«/- k* Minvvp Uv, p. by a Russian ." It m not, tberefore, a question of simple dialects, hyt in reality •►f rlistinct lani^nages.

Heading over tbese few Bent^ncea one la naturally reminded of the eon nee* tiou already noted by |diilolof;:ista auiouji^ others by otir enuni.»nt eollca^^^iic. MAin Y, as exiwtiu Lj between tbe Draviduiu aud Aus- tralian birif^iuvgert. These tables are interesting, and gain in importance every year. I regret that some of the registers shew a few un- ivoidable interruptions, but care will be taken in future that hese returns be made as complete as possible.

(*) To lliese Messri;*, Man and Temflk add a third philoloj^ieal «^ron[i whii-b ba» probably preceded the two otherft.

At all events, it h an interest iu^i problem to Rolve, ami we hoartily wlnb that Messrs, Man and Tkmple may pursue rese^rebt^ wbicli bave already leil them to 8neh eurious results Tbuu^di 8eattt»red from tbe Andaman lalauda to the Pbiltppini*8, the Negrito tribes have retained, in a remarkable manner, ^11 lhi*fr exterior and o»k M»lo^»cal ebaracteri«tic K.

It ia otherwise with re* (i) Xtf Tnrr rf nfomwf, *M\m C*lition, ? ]t Bc^eius to tne probable that these hitter were m many surviving wttne»8es of the primitive lanj TUf Lge.

, thirteen wordu which are not Malay, lie » olt U.iio*l, uot without ajujt* trouble, from ao A(«ta, the fonywing: verwi 1 am goiugr Be vi^rv Ta .' «M All) I mn g«e forgottc Ji (by) \m. But these people con M make them^t'lve.'* unilemtootl by hiu guides who spoke to them a kiutl of corrupted or rather Bimplified Bisaya. and Sund., sam- 'buku, knot, q, v.; ru- , was, joint of a cane Joint (of a reed) j \* bfiku knot Judge, a h&ktm hakim K * lun&s but Ang * t6ng kips Tn chuchuk sagau ; mdksagau pateian ; * bunoh sumbe pabunoh * ji^nls * kauni { lunas. murder) isimbilik t Jav., sam- beleh ; Bat., sambol* li ; Mak., samballe ter-bunoh. Map *pad peta » kur unut l Amut Medicine obdt Meet, to m4kb4g Meet; fitting *p4tut Meet, to h4nch6r tilam. and Sund., hukur j'Bat.f mengu- kur, to consider ; Day., ukur iubat. and Sund., patut; Tag., patot, to be useful {hanchur. chaul Aka ; chil&ka Mist Mistake g4b6ng s Ak Mistress ; lady dai Ang Mix, to Moat, a : ditch Model Modest ; bashful Moist ; wet Mother-of-pearl shells Motive Molest, to Monkey Month ; moon Monthly Moon, full Moon, new More ; again More than l Amut gita * ch6nto masipuk ^ bfisah ; mabas Ah Tchelaka. and \ Sund., chelaka ; i Mak., chilaka ; Day., (^ chalaka. J Sund., dayang; Kw., \ deyahf young woman / of high rank ; Tag., ( dayang^ lady tipei * sebab us Tb Ahan Amok b Cil An * bfil An-bfil An d Aml Ak k Asub Angen d Akum Au laing p A ing chonto basah {See Cause) bulan. I and Bis., 5// /^7«; Mak., di4lang; Bug.,ulang; Tag., bowan ; Malag., widana '6/ Mosque 14ng4r Mosquito hilftm Mother ind Mount, to ; ascend s&k&t Mountain bfid ; gimbi Mourn, to ; weep m Aktingis Mouse ; rat Mouth &mbau simut Move, to ; remove p Tnd Ahe Much ; many mataud ; m Staut Mug ; cup p Tngftn Murder, to bunoh Mussels, shell-fish, &c. 1 have compareil seveui] of lhrj«e wilh wordn in two Tho Negritos of tbe Allmy province (South -eant of Lu/.on) R|w*4ik Bicol flu- ently. But i\wy un' cni KHtsil w-ith Malays* The liisjiya Tajruhxs l Ucol. A public domain book is one that was never subject to copyright or whose legal copyright term has expired. ., 2SMt ii K'hes in Septemher, Tlie smallest t'fill on record ia 0.27 inches, which was in January, and at the Central Prison. The rainfall at this Settlement during' 18S5 was heavy, 10G.2I) inches was the mean, a|:^ainc;t 80,00 in the previuna year. i I t i i ■ i*y © b a « C ' c \ z d *a o ' ' o ^^^H 3 .s ^ c 3 J ^ ^ S -3 ^ 'i 1^ ^^1 1 »-H ©4 M a! Whether a book is in the public domain may vary country to country. The ' in Singj principally at Kandang, Kossan^ Penun^ and Province Wellesley, ra tember was a dry nionth in certain in the d Lstrit'ta uf Teluk Blangah au heavy, «u nlso in Province Welleslej wjis unsnally dry in Singapore, bu nij^ht of the 12tli and or an ntmsnal number of meteors w^ menon was also seen in other pari •i4.

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