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The metal case I suspect doesn't help and I reckon the reception is poorer, but it hasn't inconvenienced me yet – just more likely to drop to a 3G instead of hanging onto a weak 4g, where my nexus would hold longer on the 4g Valid issue, now fixed: Fixed with B10, it used to happen to me with Google Play Music, but after updating I haven't had it since.

Google play does occasionally pause for no reason, but it used to do that on my nexus too.

I turned it on discovering that the battery was at 0%, the phone then proceeded to shut down. (I'm on B10) Also any update regarding Android Nougat 7.1? My Axon from amazon Italy should be arriving in a couple of days. I seem to remember reading that the AU version and the EU version were slightly different? If my phone ships with B06 do i have to update to B08 and then B10 or can I jump straight to B10? I seem to remember reading that the AU version and the EU version were slightly different?

You upgrade straight from b06 to b10 via the sdcard method.

Click here for instructions on how to install and configure the free local weather page.

By simply inserting a script into your web page you can have these automatically updating current or forecast weather buttons on your web page.

From what I've read, about the only thing that gets me anyway excited is that the LED notifications light will be colour calibrated. Actually we now have to get sign off on all comm's that mention the next version (notice I am not mentioning it on purpose...).

Can someone please tell me about other goodies we can look forward to ? This is due to Google getting involved and managing the next version release and the very new VR approval process that they now require before anything is released.

Add some useful local information to your site with our free weather feeds.I do believe this will also rollout to Aus users too to enable the same functionality, but not sure when, Dean will likely confirm at some stage.Is the Nougat update really going to offer anything of substance ?50/50 on that one – With the B10 update via OTA we have about 14 users report directly to us that they basically bricked their devices... So for the next release we are not committing to FOTA for such a major update. If we just do it via SDcard method then B11 is not required. (Edit – this is for all manufacturers now releasing next version devices) I know everyone is champing at the bit to get the next released but wait for the local version to come out and avoid additional risk to bricking your device using the foreign releases. Hi Dean, one of our axon 7 phones we bought fron gear best before aussie release the other 2 from jb hifi Will we be able to update using the local noughart update when it is released for all 3 phones?We don't want any users – not a single one – to have a issue updating their devices so we are leaning towards SDcard for our next update. We may do both as HQ don't mind the risk as they have changed the FOTA module in B11 to try and eliminate the risk of failure that occurred for the 14 users (I quote that number as it is the number I know of and I think others just swapped at JB). thanks in advance If by FOTA then no as the update won't appear on non-AU stock.

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Lets all be honest, the camera is pretty terrible unless you can take multiple shots to get 1 decent photo. I checked a couple of days ago no update available.

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