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However, state laws often require that Clerks maintain hard copies of certain documents, which limits the extent to which Clerks can digitize their archives.The Warren County Environmental Commission (WCEC) will be holding a public meeting on April 10 th at 7 pm at the Belvidere High School to discuss the proposed expansions of the Martins Creek and Portland Power Plants and provide an update on the Commission’s efforts to force these plants to clean up their existing facilities before they expand."The first thing that I did with Steven Van Zandt was exciting," Slater said."And I thought, 'Well, if I can do that, maybe I can do something else.'" Slater's son, Mitch, describes the audition as a scene plucked from a Woody Allen movie, with 50 or so Jewish grandmothers pacing and practicing lines."When I went to my doctor for my physical, when the assistant came in to take your pressure and check everything, ask questions ...

More than 70 years later she's stepped in front of the camera for the first time, and she's open to doing it again.Testimony by all interested parties will be limited to 10 minutes each and a written notice of intent to testify is requested by the PADEP.In order to assure that all topics of concern are covered, the WCEC also requests that anyone interested in speaking also send a copy of their notice to the Commission.The ads are all over New York and Chicago, with potential placement in Miami and Los Angeles next.Slater's favorite billboard may be right above Junior's Restaurant in Brooklyn, which gave her one of its famous cheesecakes after she told them who she was. She was happily married for more than 60 years before her husband passed away in August, 2009.

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