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- Douglas Butler (Oundle) - Interactive-Maths - Dan Clark (Abingdon/Peru) - uk - Mathematics/Philosophy blog from Alec Mc Eachran (home of Furbles!

) - Mr-Mathematics (Jonathan Robinson, Salford City Academy) blog Bivariate Data (.xls) == TOP MATHS YOUTUBE CHANNELS == Google Numberphile (James Grime and friends) - Latest You Tube video - Website Khan Academy - playlists by topic Vi Hart - doodling math videos Mark Willis - Mathematics videos (King Edwards VI School Southampton) - - Videos - Playlists - Favourite Channels Douglas Butler - You Tube Channel Craig Barton - You Tube Channelel Mo Ladak's YT Channel - mainly A level Further Maths videos (Thomas Deacon Academy, Peterborough) Mr Arnold Maths: You Tube Channel by Brian Arnold TED Talks == Carom-Maths (by Jonny Griffiths, Norwich) Challenging mathematics for Y12-13 Math Apps (by Mike Hall, St Peter's School, York) - needs Mathematica Player - short demonstrations of topics from GCSE to Further Maths Mathsurgery (Free resources and support, from Pete Capewell, Ellesmere Port CHS) Kjartan Poskitt - home page (books, magic shows, maths entertainment! Maths is Fun (Stephen Froggatt, Oaks Park High School, Ilford) Maths Room (Michael Aitchison, Invergordon Academy - Online interactive resources) Mathematics Revision (Mr. Andrew's Sec., Glasgow - PDF and PPT files) - Support for Scottish curriculum (Vinod Malkani) - Mr Reddy's web resources for maths teachers (Bruno Reddy, King Solomon Academy, London) - Geometry Toolbox Maths Teaching (from teacher, 'Maths Chick') Maths Workout (Alastair Duncombe, Maidstone Grammar School for Girls) - Maths is Good for you!

Virtual Polyhedra (George Hart) Zona Land - Simulations for Physics and Math from Ed Zobel The Interactive Mathematics Classroom (Rex Boggs, Rockhampton, QLD) Interactive Mathematics on the Internet (Barry Kissane, Perth WA) Mathematics Centre (from Black Douglas PES, Moonbank VIC) - Picture Puzzles See (Tal Greengard, Australia) Resources from Melbourne University (Mathematics Education, Kaye Stacey) - Foundations for Teaching Arithmetic - Teaching Mental and Written Computation - CAS-CAT: Computer Algebra Systems: Curriculum, Assessment and Teaching Explorations in Maths: Indices and Logs (Rod Seldon, Sydney) Math XTC (St Stephen's School, Carramar, Westerm Australia) Great Sea Shells!triples, Primes/Mersenne, Factorials, Pascal's triangle] Mersenne Primes - The Great Internet Mersenne Prime Search Casting out the Nines (Mind-reader game), also: Registing Robin [both: (10x y) – (x y) = 9x] The Prime Pages (Chris Caldwell, University of Tennise, Martin) Not Just Sums (by Emily Hillier, Wokingham) - Daily Starter Roman Numerals Calculator Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences Names for large numbers (Russ Rowlett, N Carolina) Prime factors of any integer (up to 18 digits) = POWERS of 10, and SPACE!Powers of 10 A tree in Florida from 10^23 metres down to 10^(–16) [39 images) - Powersof 10 Teaching resources NASA: Eyes on the Solar System (needs a plug-in) - Universcale (Nikon) Miscellaneous objects from 1027 metres to 10^–15 (45 categories) - How Big is the Earth? ] - The Scale of the Universe - - You Tube size comparison Hotel Infinity GENERAL Ruth Carver's Internet Math Projects Benford's Law (from Plus Maths, Issue 9 Sept 99) Flatland (Edwin Abbott 1838-1926, text only) - Flatland - the movie (trailer - movie to buy) Spirograph (Nathan Friend, ART and FRACTALS Bugman - amazing graphics (Paul Nylander) Esher's 'Waterfall' (1938) ART-SY M. Escher - a selection, part of the amazing collection of artists and museums- Math and Music connections (from z, USA) - Grotesque Geometry (Tessellations, from Andrew Crompton, Manchester) The Fractal Microscope (Java Simulation) Fractals (elementary/middle schools) by Cynthia Lanius, Rice University (Houston) Mathematically inspired art (Mary Rouncefield) - Xoas Fractal Generator (to download) YOU-TUBE Mathematical Videos - Tacoma Narrows Bridge (1940 collapse) - London to Brighton in 4 Minutes - Tom Lehrer: New Math - Ma and Pa Kettle Math (1949): [25/5 = 14!Help us to keep Rail Cam running and developing by contributing a modest amount every year.As a "thank you" we will provide access to our exclusive Supporter features including extra cameras and our hugely popular Live Signalling Diagrams...

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