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If there is any information available that you can get hold of before a visit then go through it with a check list (such as you can derive from this web site) and see what is worth asking about.

When an English word can be either a noun or an adjective, I have sometimes indicated a noun with 'a.' This may look like a wrong translation.

Given that you may only have a short time during a visit, it pays to work out what are the really relevant questions to investigate.

It is only too easy to stand in a nicely finished house feeling very impressed by it all and forget to ask the sharp questions.

to be cleaned afzonderlijk - separate (de) agrariër / (de) gier - farmer, agriculture worker / vulture Agnes - girls' name (de) akker - acre, agriculture field (het) aksent / (het) sukses - accent / success al wat groeit en bloeit en ons telkens weer boeit 2 - everything that grows and flowers and fascinates us again and again al - already (de) alimentatie - alimony, child support alle - all (de) allergie - allergy allergisch 2 - allergic alles - all, everything als de dagen lengen, gaan de nachten strengen - when the days get longer, the nights get more severe (i.e.

colder) als puntje bij paaltje komt - at the moment of truth, when push comes to shove als - if, when altijd - always (de) alvleesklier - pancreas (de) ambitie - ambition ambitieus - ambitious (het) ambt - office, job title of official ambtelijk 2 - official, 'bureaucratic' (de) ambtenaar - civil servant, person employed by the government (de) ammoniak - ammonia [(de)] ander - other (de) angst - dread, fear (of unknown cause) (de) anjer 2 - carnation anorganisch - inorganic (chemistry) (de) aorta - aorta (de) apotheek 2 - pharmacy (het) appèl - appeal (de) appel - apple (de) appelbeignet - a type of apple cake april - April (de) Arabier - an Arab armoedig - looking poor (de) as 2 - ash, ashes // axis (de) asbak - ashtray asociaal 2 - anti-social (het) Atheneum - high-level High School au! (de) aubergine 2 - eggplant augustus - August Aukje - girl's name (de/het) aureool - halo (de) auto - car, automobile [(de)] autochtoon - [a person] from the country's original inhabitants (de) automaat - something automatic, like an automatic car transmission (de) automatiek 2 - a vending machine for hot fast-food (yuck!

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