Updating virtual hid driver cache

However, many users reported that after the upgrade to Windows 10, their computer won’t sleep automatically like it used to.This problem can be traced back to many reasons such as a controller disrupting the sleep timer of your computer or a third-party application keeping the computer awake.Shutdown your computer normally and after a few minutes plug out the plug/remove the battery.Now, wait for a couple of minutes before turning it back on.We can try disabling hybrid sleep from your power settings and check if it works.Many devices have the ability to keep your computer awake.The machine state is held in RAM; when issued the sleep command, the computer powers off un-needed processes and sets the RAM to the minimum power state.Because of the power saving state, you can also set timers to make your laptop go into sleep mode automatically.

Start with interactive websites (Whats App, yahoo, live, Skype) etc.Many users reported that because of hybrid sleep, their computer wouldn’t sleep at all.After disabling hybrid sleep, the computer seemed to sleep normally after the set time.and once diagnosed, refrain from keeping the tab open.Several connected devices require “always on” correspondence with your computer.

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