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You can find these options at all times, in the lower region of the interface, regardless of what tab you have selected.

Magellan Content Manager gives you more control and flexibility over any Magellan-manufactured GPS device.

The hardware requirements are modest and there is no need to install any prerequisite tools, but you will have to create an online account.

The software provides support for most Magellan-made GPS devices.

For Magellan-made GPS devices, you can use Magellan Content Manager.

It enables you to access stored addresses and keep the device up to date, without any difficulties.

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Finally, you can find every bit of information you want about your GPS device on the device information tab.

The information includes model and serial numbers, software version, internal and card memory and you can even find a mileage report, which includes your total and top speeds, longest trip and so on.

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