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Other changes with the 1.4 firmware update: support for uploading DSi photos directly to Facebook and faster image display speeds with DSi Camera.Just as many users knew, M3i zero, R4 Card, Acekard 2i as well as DSTwo were four famous card and welcomed by most players in the NDS era. Following is a simply report about above four card developement.

it doesn't matter what firmware version does your console have, this card will be working great on it.

You need to rename the file to dstwoupdateb.dat, stick it in the root of your micro sd card.

try to run the cart and you will get the blocking error message.

Today the 3ds firmware has been updated to V10.1.0-27, supercard dstwo is still workin on it perfectly without updating.(2015-9-16) SUpercard dstwo is working great on the latest 3ds system V9.9.0-26, all the dstwo cards we sent out are preflashed and updated.

(2015-7-16) We have received the supercard dstwo stock, all pre-orders have sent out and new orders will be sent out in 24 hours with tracking number!

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To give you an idea of how long it could take for them to circumvent the new anti-piracy protection, keep in mind that the first DSi-compatible flashcart was announced one month after the handheld was launched in Japan.

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