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There will also be a child element which can be increased by an amount for a disabled child: a higher amount for a child entitled to DLA care component at high rate or PIP at the enhanced rate or registered blind; or a lower amount for a child entitled to DLA or PIP where the higher amount does not apply.

Other elements that may be included are: a housing costs element, limited capability for work (LCW) and limited capability for work-related activity (LCWRA) elements, a carer element and a childcare costs element.

It is understood that the intention is to have closed income-based jobseeker’s allowance (JSA) to new claims by February 2014, tax credits by the beginning of April 2014 and housing benefit (HB), income support (IS) and income-related employment and support allowance (ESA) by the end of April.

That will leave existing claimants of the other means-tested benefits (IS, income-related ESA, income-based JSA and HB, sometimes referred to in this context as the ‘legacy’ benefits) and tax credits.

Finally, some further detail of transitional protection for former claimants of the other benefits has been revealed.

Overall, UC will be extended, or ‘rolled out’, nationally between October 20.

Further sites are due to be announced in spring 20.2 Between October 2013 and April 2014, UC will be rolled out for new claimants nationally.

Draft UC regulations4 for the main UC rules were published on 15 June 2012 and were the subject of a (now typically short) consultation process, with comments due to the Social Security Advisory Committee by 27 July 2012.The DWP and HMRC have announced the sites that will deliver the ‘telephony and processing services’ in the first phases of UC introduction from October 2013.The DWP Processing Centres are: Birkenhead, Bolton, Canterbury, Cosham, Glasgow, Sunderland, Wolverhampton and Wrexham.The draft Claims and Payments Regulations with accompanying Explanatory Memorandum include provision for the following.It is not certain that the DWP intends the right to reside test to apply to UC in exactly the same way it does currently to means-tested benefits.

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