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She was originally a commercial (CM) actress before she moved onto mainstream acting.While she primarily acts in television dramas and movies, Ueto is still heavily involved in commercials, being known as the CM Queen for representing 10 different companies.Dubbed the “Ueto Boom“, Aya’s influence and popularity can also be seen in other Asian countries including Hong Kong and Singapore.Once the Chinese general public started to learn more about Aya naturally her past was looked into as well.

The drama was a huge success with the finale earning an impressive 16.5% viewership rating.In response the expression “Heijitsu Hirugao Tsuma” became universally recognized all across Japan, which refers to housewives having afternoon affairs while their husbands are at work. China has extremely strict attitudes towards adultery, up until 1980 it was actually punishable by jail.This makes the premise of the film and drama quite taboo and intriguing for Chinese viewers.A certain model who has had experience with HIRO says: “When I had sex with HIRO-san, he’d piston me so quickly like a machine and it won’t even take me 3 minutes until I reach orgasm”.Ueto will definitely get pregnant with HIRO’s legendary moves anytime soon.

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