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This review is a brief summary of the most common tests and is not intended to be comprehensive or replace discussion of your results with your health care team.

The normal range for a fasting glucose is 60 -99 mg/dl.

Sometimes a glucose tolerance test, which involves giving you a sugary drink followed by several blood glucose tests, is necessary to properly sort out normal from IFG from diabetes.

In addition, the glycohemoglobin (see below) may now be used to diagnose diabetes mellitus or pre-diabetes. Also, Europeans tend to use a 2 hour after eating definition of diabetes rather than a fasting glucose.

These variations may be due to such things as race, dietetic preference, age, sex, menstrual cycle, degree of physical activity, problems with collection and/or handling of the specimen, non-prescription drugs (aspirin, cold medications, vitamins, etc.), prescription drugs, alcohol intake and a number of non-illness-related factors, Any unusual or abnormal results should be discussed with your physician.

It is not possible to diagnose or treat any disease or problem with this blood test alone.

Anything which damages cells, including blood drawing itself, will raise amounts in the blood.

If blood is not processed promptly and properly, high levels may occur.

Your physician will interpret for you these lab results with you at a clinic visit but if you would like more information, then this page provides some general information.That means that 5% of our healthy patients fall outside of the normal range, even when there is nothing wrong with them.Thus an abnormal test does not necessarily mean that there is something wrong with you.High values may mean that the kidneys are not working as well as they should.BUN is also affected by high protein diets and/or strenuous exercise which raise levels, and by pregnancy which lowers it.

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