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A man sitting in a folding chair greeted us at the make-shift entrance and there was no fee. There are crude 'trails,' but not the kind you are used to in most parks.

Petroglyphs are cousin to Pictographs (which are painted onto stone in a protected area with a paint that is a mineral or vegetal substance combined with a binder element such as fat residue or blood).

Also, you are deep into nature, so there are no concession stands, interpretive guides, or plumbed restrooms.

As you walk the trails at Three Rivers, the petroglyphs are everywhere.

Three Rivers is located 17 miles north of Tularosa and 28 miles south of Carrizozo, on US Highway 54.

Turn east to Three Rivers on County Road B30 and travel five miles (the road is now paved).

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Three Rivers Petroglyph Site Southern New Mexico I first stumbled upon Three Rivers by accident.

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