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No model or rec cast, only Real situations ***Lenah Pointed LLC Update*** A place where you will find photos and videos of beautiful women in medical casts. She's in a thick plaster SLC with the entire ball of her foot showing.

- The beautiful Victoria is out back looking amazing in her worn plaster SLWC, standing and sitting with her feet propped up. - Originally, this shoot was going to look like it was in the 70's, but I screwed up by having Starbucks and a cell phone in the clip.

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You just make things worse by constantly bumping into and dropping things on her cast. A month or so later, she forgives you for that and agrees to let you take her bowling. YOU CAN SOON FIND THE MOST FROM CRUTCHCAST & SWECRUTCH HERE!

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Her assistant dutifully does it but she's pretty clumsy getting around the office pushing her boss in the chair in and out of elevators and around corners etc... Crutching may have been difficult, but now she has to worry that her exposed toes sticking out of her cast -- propped up and extended in front of her in the wheelchair -- don't get broken as her assistant tries to wheel her around and can't seem to navigate the chair without bumping into things!

Angel finds herself having to wiggle her vulnerable toes to see if they are ok each time they bump into things.

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