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Another company got 500% ROI with shopping cart abandonment campaign.Smiley Cookie recaptured even 29% of the abandoned carts. Listrak shopped Top 1000 retailer sites, added items to a shopping cart, began the checkout process by adding first & last name, e-mail address and phone number, and then abandoned the carts before completing a purchase.Once you’ve spent minutes configuring a product, it feels like your own. I played around for like 30 minutes customizing my laptop. It ended up being much more expensive than any of their standard sets.If your business is up for it, you can do mass customization, like Dell or Timbuk2 – using efficient manufacturing (the labor contents of every Trimbuk2 bag is only 30 minutes).

62% said they are looking for a section that identifies sales and specials.

Naturally do what’s right for your brand, but it might be something worth experimenting with.

Suggestion: make it clear where people can see stuff on sale.

Other industry experts offer this explanation: shoppers are shocked at high shipping costs.

Top reasons why people abandon shopping carts (and what to do about it) Follow up A very effective way to reduce shopping cart abandonment rates is following up by email (263% improvement in the linked test).

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