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You can search sites that have p H food charts & put on your fridge.

My question on your solution that killed your mites, how much HP 3% did you add to your 8 oz container? Once the menthol wears off, you'll smell like the tip of a match and feel pretty greasy. I had not actually seen the mites until they came off the surface of my skin, suffocated by the petrolatum and sulfur in this ointment. Here are some healthier and I believe, more effective options: Sulfur powder (you can get this by ordering "MSM Powder" on a wholesale site like vitacost dot com) & take internally with glucosamine & chondroitin).

Plastic zippered mattress protectors are essential and should be wiped down each morning or before bed time with alcohol spray or peroxide spray with half dozen drops of essential oils (in spray).

Sheets & blankets can be spritzed and placed in HOT dryer for at least 60 to 70 minutes.

It's okay to clean skin with peroxide or enzymes but ultimately you don't want it to dry out because it becomes more vulnerable to organisms & irritants.

So use the NEEM oil mixed with a little of the Coconut Oil & few drops of essential oils (and, you can add the sulfur to this too) on your skin and if necessary, your scalp.

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