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POLICE have appealed for witnesses after claims that two men were seen interfering with an occupied badger set near Kilwinning.The incident took place in a field close to Braid Court between 1.45pm and 5pm on December 28. Newspaper Photograph Morgues (Prints and Photographs Division) New York Journal American The photographic morgue is held by the Harry Ransom Center at the University of Texas at Austin.Three Republicans who have rarely supported filibusters of judicial nominees said today they will vote to filibuster appellate nominee Goodwin Liu, a bad omen for Liu a day before a crucial Senate vote. A judicial nominee of President Barack Obama has never been successfully filibustered, but Liu may be the first.Authorities said they were either dealing with a double homicide that had happened in recent decades, bones from pioneers who died in the 19th century while traveling along the nearby Oregon Trail or the remains of Native Americans from that era or earlier.Five days after the initial discovery, law enforcement officials as well as archaeologists returned and did a more thorough examination and discovered additional remains.Scottish SPCA Chief Superintendent Mike Flynn said, “Badger baiting is a barbaric crime which has no place in modern society.

The men, one aged between 30 and 40 and the second between 15 and 19, were both wearing camouflage jackets and were accompanied by two lurcher dogs and a terrier.

The remains were found on the conservation area, which contains several notable Native American rock art sites dating back centuries.

The skeletons were discovered in dry sagebrush steppe in April 2017 by an Idaho Department of Fish and Game worker checking ground squirrel hunters’ licenses about 5 miles from the small city of Mountain Home.

C.), Johnny Isakson (Ga.) and John Mc Cain (Ariz.) said they plan to vote against ending debate on Liu's nomination. on Thursday, and Liu needs 60 votes to advance to a final confirmation vote.

In separate comments, the three senators all cited the same reason for opposing Liu: the law professor's 2006 testimony against the confirmation of Justice Samuel Alito Jr.

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