Teenagers dating older people

We broke up this August and I can't get her out of my head, especially because of how it ended. I don't dream very much, but since August I've had two vivid dreams where we get back together.I wish I could move on and stop thinking about her.Honestly I think you are using those reasons above as excuses, or as justifications, for your decisions. But consider adding things to your areas of interest that will attract the kind of guy you're interested in. I do things that I enjoy, workout, play music etc, and nothing comes up.For example, after my divorce I wanted to become more interesting to women so i... I just don't partake in group activities because most of the things I like don't involve people.

At the end of this summer I had a talk with her about our future.

Also if she ignores me again, or if I find out she wasn't as invested in the relationship as I was, it will probably break me. Especially in light of the fact that the path you're currently on has yielded what many would call "sub-optimal results"? You list lots of bad things you've avoided (that's good!

It's just a shitty way for a three year relationship to end, and unlike her to not be upfront about things. ) but you conveniently leave out all the good things youve missed out on (that's bad! Things like: watching the sunset with your girlfriend, staying up until 4 in the morning when you're just getting to know someone new, the electric anticipation you feel before a hot date, and yes, sex with a loving partner. I just don't want you to live your whole life without the experiences that you clearly indicate you want. I hesitate to say this because people take shit out of context a lot.

However, her personality was fucking incredible and she was smart and witty as fuck so I kept going with it.

My parents "jokingly" called me a total perv/cradle robber. But despite my reservations, we continued to date and it went amazingly.

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She also kicked me off her netflix right after we took a break but I gave her the benefit of the doubt at the time. I don't think you're giving me enough credit - I've been evading the wrong choices for many years. Sure it's not great, but it could certainly be very worse.

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