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Or, using your browser's search function, you can search the entire Dictionary.For example in internet Explorore use Control F and in Apple Command F. “I’ve always been a firm believer of pushing my body to the edge.” Really O’Neal? Not posting throughout this, it’s too back and forth. Alison announced that there were 32 cupcakes eaten. You’re a contestant on the Biggest Loser, something tells me this is the first time you’ve pushed your body in quite some time. And now of course we are viewing the obligatory trips to their favorite restaurants. The families are all on cell phones so they can keep tabs of the other contestants. Select from the blue alphabet to jump to the letter you want in the Dictionary, but give the file a little time to load first.To get back to the top and select another letter use Control Home (or Command Home on Macs). Fun to see the people at home with their families, but boring because there isn’t a whole lot going on.

To search for keywords in Dictionary headings, enter the word (singular will pull more results) in the Search box at the top right of this screen. ” Maybe it’s because I’m pregnant and Stephen’s not watching with me, but I’m totally crying at these homecomings. For each cupcake they eat, they can add 5 minutes to someone’s time. Inside is a stationary bike and a million packing peanuts. (Just so you know, I still don’t like Melissa.) The players have to bike a marathon, the winner wins ,000. (I’m eating a salad and a drop of vinaigrette just flew in my eye… It burns.) There are giant boxes for each contestant.

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