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Distributions from an inherited Roth IRA will be tax-free unless the account was established less than five years before — in which case, the earnings may be subject to tax.fullempty/Getty Images Whenever spouses inherit an IRA, they can basically take the account and treat it exactly as if it were their own.For assistance determining the best option for your circumstance and to apply, please contact us at 888.866.4352.​For all Pell Grant eligible students who have completed their files and have been awarded and the awards have been accepted, the first 50% Pell Grant refund (first Friday of the term) is for books and supplies.Enrollment status is: Full time 12.0 - or more units Three Quarter time 9-11.99Half time 6-8.99Less than Half time .055 - 5.99 All semesters/terms have the same enrollment status, including summer session.When someone leaves you an individual retirement account, or IRA, you can find yourself at the tricky three-way intersection of estate planning, financial planning and tax planning.Instead, the beneficiary will be forced to take the money out of the IRA under the five-year rule.

Attorney Natalie Choate advises IRA beneficiaries to do nothing until they’ve met with a financial adviser who can explain their options.

But there’s an additional wrinkle in that, if the spouse elects to treat the account as his or her own, any distributions taken before age 59 1/2 could be subject to the 10 percent early withdrawal penalty.

Spouses “are able to roll the IRA into an account for themselves. Now they are able to name their own beneficiary that will succeed them and be able to deal with the IRA as if it is their own,” says Carol Tully, a CPA at Wolf & Co. MStudio Images/Getty Images Nonspouse beneficiaries shouldn’t procrastinate.

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You may be eligible if you are a Minnesota resident attending a participating college nationwide or if you are a Minnesota resident or nonresident attending a college in Minnesota.

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