Steam games keep validating

Well, After a reformat last week, I reloaded Steam and all of my games from my backups.. GCF files in "c:\program files\steam\Steam Apps" are your actual installed games in compressed format.

But when I go to launch the game, be it Portal, TF2.. These are what your download off steam when u buy a game online.

Granted, this is going to have limited appeal, but there are a couple of perks.

Own a game that supports co-op or multiplayer, but doesn’t require online access? Or, it could simply be that you need or want to install a game out of Steam for .

For some games, even if the code isn’t accepted, there might be a workaround.

Unfortunately, not all EA titles in Steam will offer a CD key, but a lot do.

A little known fact about EA’s Origin gaming platform is that most EA titles purchased outside of the service can be registered within it.

The problem: EA doesn’t offer a good list of supported titles, preferring to leave it up to gamers to figure out.

Thanks to that, we’ve been compiling our own list, and welcome submissions to help it become definitive.. In effect, EA was forcing them into using a gaming platform which, let’s face it, was lackluster when compared to the competition (in this case, Valve’s Steam).

A lot of gamers don’t even care for Steam, or game launchers in general.

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If you are here because you want to fix a game problem, stop what you are doing and validate it.

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