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We'll begin working on the application by first defining the data model we'll use to represent our database.I discussed how to create a LINQ to SQL data model using VS 2008's LINQ to SQL designer in Part 2 of this series.When updates are made, the LINQ to SQL ORM will automatically ensure that all business rules and validation logic we've added (as partial methods) to the LINQ to SQL data model pass before persisting anything to the database.

Now that we have the basics of our web UI working against our LINQ to SQL data-model, we can go ahead and further customize the UI and behavior.In the source code below I'm going to take advantage of the fact that each Product class in the LINQ to SQL data model we created has a Supplier and Category property on it.What this means is that I can easily databind their Supplier. Category Name sub-properties within our Grid: And now when I run the application I get the human readable Category and Supplier name values instead: To get drop-down list UI for the Supplier and Category columns while in Edit-Mode in the Grid, I will first add two additional columns we added to our Grid View earlier and customize their edit appearance (by specifying an Edit Item Template).Because we already added a control to the page earlier that references our Categories within our LINQ to SQL data model, all I need to-do to create a drop-downlist control at the top of the page that binds against this.For example: When I run the page I'll now get a filter dropdownlist of all categories at the top of the page: My last step is to configure the Grid View to only show those Products in the category the end-user selects from the dropdownlist.

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One of the really nice things about the Currently we are displaying the foreign-key integer values in our Grid View for the Supplier and Category of each Product: While accurate from a data model perspective, it isn't very end-user friendly.

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