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Robin has appeared in a Worms Clan Wars video as a secondary player, in "Oh Sir...!

- The Insult Simulator" videos, and in the "Astroneer" videos.

They all had cards that said ‘spark, no spark, and just friends,’” Jodi Firestone, who works at the home, told Inside The couples each sat with each other for four minutes. When asked what he likes about Renee, Miles answer was simple, “intelligence, beauty, brains, butt,” he said. I always knew it was possible to find love at any age and i am so happy to know i had a part in bringing Miles and Renee together.

That’s when Renee and Miles hit if off.“He was more of a flirt than I am,” Renee said After the event, Firestone realized both Renee and Miles had checked off spark on their cards for each other and she called them up to let them know. How beautiful that they found love again at this point in their lives.

He largely interacts with his community and has definitely shown he cares.

Jacksepticeye entered a competition by Pew Die Pie and was one of with 6 You Tubers to win. Ever since Pew Die Pie shouted him out, Jack gained just above 10,000 subscribers in a few days, and later on was rising very fast afterward.

He is known for his energy, distinct accent, loud commentary and yet sometimes gentle nature and (now former) signature green hair (which he dyed for charity alongside Markiplier).As of May 2018, his channel has over 19.1 million subscribers and 9.4 billion video views, making him one of the most popular You Tubers on the site. His mother and siblings gave him the nickname because in Ireland, another name of Seán is John, and a common nickname for people called John in Ireland and the UK is Jack.The term “Septic Eye” also came from his childhood.His siblings are Allison, Susan, Malcolm, and Simon.Jack has stated that Malcolm currently lives in France, and has an Instagram under the account name malcolmwriter, where he sometimes posts pictures of Jack as well.

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