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As electrodes continue to shrink, allowing more specific photoreceptors to be stimulated, the technology is only set to get better.

Patent Name: "Navigation system using satellites and passive ranging techniques"GPS satellites were invented by the Navy, and they are operated today by the Air Force. Easton was the mastermind behind the Global Positioning System, developing technologies in the 1950s for the Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) to track U. satellites in orbit—and then Soviet satellites too.

In 1959, Easton developed the Naval Space Surveillance system—the first radar network to track every single object orbiting over the United States.

In the following decades, Easton turned his technology around, tracking objects on the ground from space.

Additional designs are in the works at MIT and the European Space Agency.

As soon as flight controls and other electronic systems, such as cameras and GPS navigation, caught up with Vanderlip's idea, the quadcopter drone took to the skies in swarms.Although the i Phone was not the first smartphone or the first phone to connect to the internet, the basic design has successfully transformed the look and function of a device that many people use every day.More a handheld computer than a telephone, the i Phone and subsequent improvements on the "electronic device" have come to influence how humans communicate, navigate, and even think.A moving platform takes inputs from a computer and positions the base under a nozzle.Liquid resin from the nozzle forms the object, layer by layer, which is solidified by UV light.

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