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More importantly, in a country where people still earn low wages, you can rent a big cave for about a month. Some families have been passing down ‘luxury’ caves for generations.

And the majority of these caves are bigger, nicer, and quieter than Beijing’s apartments.

In the People’s Republic, citizens don’t merely use hashtags to show support on social media. In mid-2008, a huge earthquake shook the province of Sichuan, killing nearly 70,000 people.

Via this one-to-one meeting platform, global destinations, travel service and technology providers from all over the world can have a direct talk with Meituan-Dianping representatives to seize a long partnership.

And you better believe all this bigness leads to craziness.

Craziness so big and bigness so crazy that it’s impossible to fit it all into a single top ten list. Forget the Eiffel Tower, the Forth Bridge or the Hoover Dam.

The nation is big geographically, too; only Russia and Canada cover a larger land area.

Let’s just say if they were having a contest for ‘biggest, craziest nation on planet Earth’, the Middle Kingdom would not only win hands down, it would leave all the other countries scratching their heads and saying “whoa, get a load of people living in China today, a whole billion more than there are living in the USA.

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