Skype chatting sex mom and son

i thought how she through her virtual identity wanted her son to rip apart her clothes and fuck her and if I should do the same right now but I decided against it and thought itll be better if I wait till night and let her see me through web cam and watch her through web cam.There was a small hitch , we had only one computer and only one web cam at home so it was no way that both of us could log in at the same time.So all in all you can say I had always a deep desire of getting my hands on her and how I wanted to explore the very hole I entered this world from. Iam Raj 25years old, 6" tall guy slim built and working in a software firm.My mom Pratibha is well maintained 46 year old lady with the body to die for and one that can give those 20 something girls a run for their money.

As a starter I always had the pleasure of dozing off with mom cuddling me after school and whenever i woke up I had a hard on, I had the liberty of moving my hands inside moms shirt and innocently carresing her and I had the pleasure of having my first jerking off with my mom as the tool of my hard on.

son4mom:hmmmmmmmmm hornymom4u:son you got the webcam?? son4mom:yes mom did you.btw what are you wearing right now.

hornymom4u:son iam wearing a sari yu told me in the morning na how you like women wearing saris.

We talked a lot about sexual desires / fantasies and even did a steamy roleplay where she played the part of my mom to perfection.

It was a couple of hours already and she was saying that she had to leave now as her son is alone at home and how she wants to see him and asked me to pray that maybe today her son does something and fucks her I asked her to pray the same for me and maybe my mom comes home from wherever she has gone and asks me to lay her down.

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I stay with my parents or should I say with my mom as my dad is out of town for more than half of the year due to his work commitments.

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