Single parent dating with special needs child

When you’re a single parent of a special-needs child, your partnered friends of typical children will say that, over and over again (with great enthusiasm). On the one hand it’s a compliment, but part of me wonders if they are they throwing salt over their shoulder and thanking the gods that they are neither single nor the parent of a special-needs child.

The simple answer is that you “do it” because, well, what else would you do?

I would get angry with these platitudes or the all-knowing sentiment that “everything will be just fine.” Since I saw no one with a crystal ball, I pretty much summarily dismissed these comments.

It has taken a long time for me to realize it, but the friends and family who made these comments simply did not know what else to say and they really did think they were offering up helpful or kind wisdom.

Since you have no partner to complain to about these inane comments, find the friend who says, “Well, this sucks” and complain to that person.

I will share the highlights of what I learned from these experts about making a relationship work—whether you have typical or non-typical children—and maybe, just maybe, you will find yourself inspired to hop on your own path toward true and permanent love. And that includes time for the two of you AND time together with the children as well. You vowed in the beginning of a relationship to always be open and honest with one another. If something within the relationship or something about the other person or the child is an issue, you don’t just disappear or refrain from talking about it.

The bonus to being a single parent of a special-needs child is that despite the challenges, it is incredibly rewarding.

Kind of like you managed to launch the Normandy Invasion all on your own.

As a single parent you likely do not have the luxury of quitting your job so that you can attend to all of this. What helped me was getting a really unattractive and enormous whiteboard that I mounted to the front door.

I drew a monthly calendar and listed every appointment and therapy session.

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