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Were any of their ancestors evicted from the Stafford lands, what did they do for a living, what were the conditions they lived in, other children, in short absolutely any information on these families?

I hope you can help us many many thanks Mary Semple in Sutherland, Priscilla Shearer in Detroit Please email me if you have any information, or believe you may have a link to anyone named above.

Does any reader have any information regarding these premises, including the 'name' of the establishment?

Raymond Smout Dear Editor, Although I live well north of the Black Country, I went to school in the fifties in Wednesbury. As a youngster I went to a very small Cinema, it was in a shopping Arcade in Walsall?

They were: Sarah (born 1835), Richard (born 1836), Ann Charlotte (born 1838) and William Bentley (born 1845). In the 1841 census they were listed as living in Rushall Street, Walsall and Richard's occupation was draper. In the 1851 census the two sons were living with their aunt and uncle William Heathcote and Eliza Bentley in Wolverhampton and the two daughters were living with their uncle Charles Higgs and his sister-in-law Caroline Wood  also in Wolverhampton.

My husband is descended from Richard Junior who became a chemist and druggist.

I am currently studying with the University of Aberdeen and concentrating on the Highland clearances.The earliest ancestor I have is Richard Wood (born c1796) and his wife Ann Bentley.As far as I can ascertain their 4 children were all born in Walsall.would like to find the daughter Margaret Cresswell ....Can you help Thank you Elaine Guasco Dear Editor, In 1871 the Census records my ancestors keeping a Public House at 24, Ladymoor Road, Coseley.

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Also, I would appreciate any further information on clearances in the region.

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