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The sex appeal of being told that his girlfriend is wearing no underwear is that in his head he could just lift up your dress and…

well, if there were no people there to object, of course! It doesn’t take much to transport a man back to the scene, but a few choice visuals will do the trick.

All of the galleries displayed on our site are hosted by websites that are not under our control.Instead of sending your tenth soppy ‘I love you’ message, try some sexting and rest assured you will both enjoy this sexual tease.This type of message works best when you tell it to him straight.Using your phone or Facebook to tell your boyfriend you miss him every hour or so is a no-no and a turn-off I’m afraid.Messaging him to turn him on and rev up the anticipation of seeing each other later on though is a different story!

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Send him a short and succinct message that states exactly what sexy underwear you are wearing.

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