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frequently, some innovative ideas are explored by first-run syndicated programming which the networks are leery of giving airtime to.

There had been much opposition to this idea and it was generally viewed to lead to the death of the show. S., television networks, particularly in their early years, did not offer a full day's worth of programming for their affiliates, even in the evening or "prime time" hours.

Reruns are usually found on stations affiliated with smaller networks like Fox or The CW, especially since these networks broadcast one less hour of prime time network programming than the Big Three television networks and far less network-provided daytime television (only one hour for The CW, none at all for Fox).

A show usually enters off-network syndication when it has built up about four seasons' worth or between 80 and 100 episodes, though for some genres the number could be as low as 65.

Syndication is less of a practice in the rest of the world, as most countries have centralized networks or television stations without local affiliates; although less common, shows can be syndicated internationally.

The three main types of syndication are "first-run syndication", which is programming that is broadcast for the first time as a syndicated show and is made specifically to sell directly into syndication; "off-network syndication", which is the licensing of a program that was originally run on network TV or, in some cases, first-run syndication (colloquially called a "rerun"); and "public broadcasting syndication".

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