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”She stopped about 20 feet away and turned towards me to stare with her jaw down about her ankles, and I dithered as to whether I should up the ante by calling her a “cunt! I decided that I didn’t want to tangle with MI5 tonight, and turned in the other direction and left.

For decades, TV had no idea what to do with anyone whose sexuality fell outside a gay-straight dichotomy.

We’ll skip ‘Murican Coco to concentrate on German Goerges (not to be confused with French Georges) who meets (ova) Cibulk. Premieres Sunday, April 8, at 8pm on BBC America.16 months after the death of George Michael, the fate of his estate remain unknown: the will, ownership of the houses, and unreleased music. It’s a curiosity-based intrigue.”I'm so sick of temps in the high 20s range (low to mid 80s for you Americans). It may not sound like much to you, but try 80s temps every day for a month with no AC and see how well you'd deal with it. Hopefully we'll get some more rain this week, at least they reported chance of showers. I love the unbelievable and often inexplicable fashion sense of the underappreciated 70 year old daughter-in-law of Queen Elizabeth the second - Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall. She really is a singular dresser with an eye for clothes that stupefy and have impact! This time she confronted an impostor soliciting donations in London, who she cornered and forced to disrobe on the street. It's between my eye brows, a little bit above them and a little closer to the left one.

Well-liked Madison Keys faces fellow American Vickery. Also featuring DL fave [bold]Fiona Shaw[/bold].[quote]Adapted from the [italic]Villanelle[/italic] novellas by Luke Jennings, [italic]Killing Eve[/italic] is mostly written and executive produced by [bold]Phoebe Waller-Bridge[/bold], who, in addition to acting in films like [italic]Albert Nobbs, The Iron Lady, Goodbye Christopher Robin,[/italic] and the upcoming [italic]Solo: A Star Wars Story,[/italic] has also created, written, and starred in her own television series [italic]Crashing[/italic] and the acclaimed [italic]Fleabag[/italic] on Amazon. Renewed for the second season even before the first episode had aired. “When I talk to people about fisting, they’re like, ‘How does that work? ’ They’re very much interested rather than dismissing it. Before yesterday it hadn't rained in like three weeks. It also made New York and South Carolina look so charming in a way I’m sure neither of them are, to a certain extent, today. I think she's kind of the Sally Kirkland of the British royal family up to a point! An actress-turned-lawyer who launched a crusade to expose fake monks has struck again. Psychologists have told me that people in depressed moods seek out "mood congruent" music...happy music. I don't want anything "happy" - since it won't be sufficiently distracting or whatever it is supposed to be. Fringe and Battlestar Gallactica used to be good too but they're not on Netflix anymore.

“I would watch television and think, ‘I wish my favorite show knew I existed.’”Now, for millions of fans, that wish may have finally come true.I'm just having this done at my dentists office so there is no theatre to take me to to cauterize the bleeding. Out from the glass-front, which was apparently an entranceway, a British Frau who looked suspiciously like Kate Middleton and might have been for all I know, brushes past from behind while barking “Step Aside![italic]This [/italic] is an [italic]Office Building! [/italic]”As she rolled her mini-luggage past, I had only an instant to try to understand the significance of an office building entrance, as opposed to whatever other options there might be, when I decided to use my go-to response and proffered a dismissive, if fully-enthusiast, “Fuck off! The members, who said Perez had neglected to inform them of the decision, argued that it would undermine efforts to earn the trust of progressives, young voters and independents already suspicious of the DNC for its role in the 2016 presidential primary.…Someone in the previous thread said that they could use the movie's book, but it's almost better that they don't. It also seemed to take the thunder out of so many of the songs, because they didn't quite fit in to the plot. Even though there was not much of a plot, it really made you think that the counterculture and the kids protesting the war, etc, were really just kids. Andrew Cuomo, a two-term incumbent fending off a major left-wing primary challenge.

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