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The damage may not be irreparable, but it won't be repaired any time soon.

Guest Writer Says Obama 'Should Be Forced to Resign'.

Not only that, any other person with such a long history of Communist contacts could never get a top secret security clearance. This created a powerful cocktail of built-in benefits that gave Obama almost every conceivable benefit of the doubt while at the same time allowing him to claim victim status.

This old-style leg up then combined with modern leftist ethnic-racial privileges, overwhelmingly present in academia and the media, to advance Obama at every turn.

According to a Quinnipiac University poll released Wednesday [11/9/2016], 33 percent of voters think the current president is the worst since 1945. One has to wonder just how much longer the American people will silently permit the categorical failure of American foreign policy, both in theory and in practice. What San Bernardino amounted to is that government fumbled the ball and then refused to pick it up.Homeland Defense was founded to create a new basis for a public employee's union. [O]n several recent big issues, President Obama has not taken the challenging, but necessary step up to the plate to demonstrate why America needs to lead in the world.His actions instead seem to suggest that we can lead from behind, which goes against everything that our country has stood for in the past.[...] This isn't the first president to face claims of incompetence. Such charges were made against Barack Obama, and most were warranted, coming not only from Republicans but Democrats.In November 2010, Joe Scarborough reported that several Democratic senators had told him they thought Obama was out of his league.

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